in Hepatology

Research forms the basis of progress in medicine. By means of research it is possible to detect new mechanisms, to obtain new insights into the clinical course of a disease and to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

The Hepatology group at the University of Bern has a very long tradition in research and has an excellent international reputation. Every chief-physician of the department is actively involved in basic research, performing experiments with cells or various laboratory models.
Thus, also new biomarkers are searched for, which - in the framework of translational research – will be subsequently transferred into the clinic.

In order to meet this objective, the Hepatology group at the University of Bern has cofounded a “Metabolomics-platform” in the central laboratory of the Inselspital where, with use of the latest technology, analyses of a given matrix (blood, ascites, urine, tissues) are performed. Through these new analytical methods a wide range of different metabolites can be detected and quantified.

Another main focus of the Hepatology group is clinical research. We offer patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, thereby providing them new and innovative medications, which are not yet available in routine healthcare. We regularly participate in clinical trials in the fields of hepatitis C, liver cancer and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Research projects