Information for patients with chronic hepatitis C

The Swiss market finally offers new medicine for the treatment of hepatitis C, recently approved. With a success rate over 90 % this medication is very effective and, at the same time has very little side effects - incomparable to Interferon. However, the drugs are expensive, and health insurance companies donnot reimburse costs unless the patient suffers from a liver lesion or other severe manifestations outside the liver. Momentarily, many patients are calling our Bauchzentrum trying to get detailed information on a possible treatment with the new medication. You may understand that we are not capable to discuss indications on the phone or give final judgement on your situation and if all requirements are given for health insurance companies to cover your costs. Please, contact our Bauchzentrum for a personal appointment. Either ask your GP to assign you to the Bauchzentrum or directly address to jean-francois.dufour@dkf.unibe.chfor an appointment. We will be happy to support you in all issues concerning a perfect treatment.

Professor Jean-François Dufour
Head Physician / Clinic Director Hepatotology
Insel Hospital