22. June 2018: «Adventure Liver Land» - Children University Bern

22. June 2018: «Adventure Liver Land» - Children University Bern

successful information campaign as to the topic of the liver for 8-12 years old children

On Friday afternoon, 22 June 2018 Prof. Dufour hold an exciting lecture on "Liver and Health" for 8 – 12 years old children in the context of the event cycle of the Children's University of Bern in close cooperation with the association “Kultessen Wissen & Kultur erleben”.

The children learned why the liver is of such importance for our live and that nutrition and physical exercise play an important role to maintain our health. The lecture was followed by a workshop on Saturday morning. Together with Mrs. Christine Perreng, the Head of the Child Programme Bern 25 children visited our Swiss Liver Center at Insel Hospital where they could investigate what the life of a liver specialist means. Highlight of their visit was a live sonography demonstration with which the programme closed down.

The Swiss Liver Center Team wants to thank Mrs. Perreng and the Children University Bern for the successful cooperation and the great opportunity to address to very young persons when it comes up to liver health.

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