Foundation for Liver Diseases

Liver diseases -
A major global health problem

Foundation for Liver Diseases

Foundation for Liver Diseases

University Clinic for Visceral Surgery and
Medicine (UVCM), Hepatology
Murtenstrasse 35
3008 Bern

Liver diseases are a major global health problem; they are now the eighth most frequent cause of death worldwide. Most deaths are due to hepatitis B infection, which is worldwide one of the leading causes of death. 300 million people are affected and 1 million of them die every year.

These numbers are thought provoking.

The liver plays an important role in the detoxification of foreign substances or toxins, such as alcohol, nicotine and medicinal drugs and is, at the same time, one of the most important organs of our immune system.
The liver has an astonishing capacity for regeneration, as almost three-quarters of the liver can be removed and the organ will quickly grow back to normal size.

On our website you will learn all about diseases, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer, about prevention, therapies and the chances of a cure, about the various research projects, their targets and achievements. You will learn more about the risks of infection and you will gain insight into the exciting day-to-day life of researchers.

Furthermore, you will meet committed people, who – through their work in the foundation – contribute substantially to the financing of this future-oriented research.


About us

The Foundation for Liver Diseases is a Swiss foundation, which is committed to the education and research in liver diseases.

The foundation was established in 1985 with the aim to investigate underlying causes of liver diseases and to foster the development of novel treatments.
It primarily supports young researchers in hepatology, but also sponsors research infrastructure (research instruments, computers and much more) in times of strained public resources.
The foundation also supports clinical studies, especially in the area of rare liver diseases, which are not sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation or the pharmaceutical industry. 

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