Young Talents

Medical Training

Hepa Visite

The Hepa Visite is a regularly scheduled meeting taking place on Wednesday during lunchtime at Inselspital. It is a platform to present and discuss complex medical cases and/or hepatic trans-plant patients.




Family physicians are highly welcome to present and discuss their own cases during this hepatology get-together or simply take part for their personal interest.

Should you have further questions or simply want to register for one of the coming Hepa-Visite meetings kindly address to the Hepatology Secretariat, (telephone 031 632 80 26) or simply reach out to Angelika Cornels, the assistant of the Clinic Director UVCM/Hepatology.

The senior physicians of the UVCM / Hepa-tology Department are extensively involved in education and training at the Medical Fa-culty of the University of Bern. Here, a series of lectures for students of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th academic year is offered.

Students can also register to an additional annual liver training module which is part of the Biomedicine degree programm. For further details please contact Prof. Dr. med. Annalisa Berzigotti.

Find here all current courses of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern.

For individual lectures and courses of the current academic year please address directly to the responsible individuals:



Internships and projects for Bachelor and Master students

Internships create a unique opportunity to be confronted to research and clinical issues. At the Department of Hepatology, we offer a variety of possible projects and final theses for bachelor as well as  master level. These  projects can be either purely clinical or laboratory projects  spanning the basic, translational and clinical research. Furthermore, in our outpatient clinic, we offer to one to two students, the possibility to take part in the hepatology consultations, in order to experience Hepatology in everyday clinical life.

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