Vaccine Campaign 2021


Canton of Bern

BAG: present Vaccine Recommendation
Canton of Bern: Vaccine Registration

Hotline Phone Nr.:
Vaccination  :         +41  (0)58 377 88 92
Corona Virus : +41 (0)58 463 00 00
Quarantine :   +41 (0)58 464 44 88 

Do you belong to a Corona Risk Group?

  • To find out whether you belong to a corona risk group see Categories of particularly risk persons.
  • Ask your family doctor or our UVCM physicians for a prescreption of a prioritised vaccination. The wording "prioritised vaccination" should be noted on the prescription.
  • Further innformation as to Corona vaccination can be found on the website of BAG
  • Corona hotlines are active between 6 - 23 o'clock. 

Furthrer Information of the Canton of Bern as to Covid-19 Vaccination

With the beginning of January 2021 the Canton of Bern successfully started its Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign with an official link to register for vaccination. Upon completion of this registration a corresponding code is issued together with a letter that prioritizes your right to vaccination and allocates your vaccine dose. In case of no-shows, the cantonal vaccination system automatically determines the next-prioritized person and informs accordingly. As the present vaccination doses available throughout Switzerland can not cover the entire demand at the moment, longer waiting periods must be taken into account.

The University Clinic for Visceral Surgery and Medicine recommends all its patients to register for the Corona vaccination. With immediate effect the UVCM physician team also will inform their patients accordingly during consultation hours. As of the individual registration details, e.g. the registration confirmation is sent by e-mail and codes as well as prioritization letters are transmitted via mobile phone, we recommend that our patients register themselves personally rather than by our clinic as this might generate some chaos when dealing with the expected huge amount of personal registration data.

Patients with certain pre-existing conditions making vaccination urgent can address to their family doctors and/or to our clinic for a prescription of a so-called “prioritized vaccination recommendation”. If you belong to a high-risk group, don not hesitate to ask us for this prescription during consultation hours or to send us your enquiry directly to Hepatologie Insel.

To register for the vaccination in Canton of Bern: VACME Bern

National Info Line "Covid-19 Vaccination" available during 6 - 23 o'clock.


Covid-19 : Further Links

Should you wish further information as to corona virus and Covid-19 vaccination see here: